Athk Gigabitturbo

Spark: I got bored between races, so I practiced doing handstands.

Spark: I got bored between races, so I practiced doing handstands.

Hehehehe~ Thank you~<3


People don’t like to bake their own bread because its a very kneady process.

Turbo worked the yarn at an even pace then looked up. Spark was at the coffee table looking though the chocolate eggs and Jet was laying down, his nose buried in a book. He might as well ask, just to see what they was going to say.

"What if I thtarted thaying puntathtic instead of turbotathtic?"

"No." Jet didn’t even look towards him

"Why would you want to do that?" Spark grabbed a chocolate egg then sat beside him.

Spark unwrapped the candy carefully. He felt like he didn’t need to ask. He could guess already. It has been slow and the times between races were getting longer and longer.

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♥ + gigabitturbo


. you seem to be genuinely very nice

. puns

. cool hair

. grey skin is a good look for everyone

. interesting tastes in food i would like to try

we should be better friends 8^)

I would like that~

And if we could met up I could cook thomething too.

check out my nice drawing of you first

I did~

And it wath great!

※ ?


The Pun Master

The man with strange culinary tastes.

hehe~ I look tho cute~ 

Thank you~

My chetht hurtth. I need to lay down.

The arcade had a late Eathter egg hunt~

I got a chocolate bunny, chocolate eggth, and candy.

I-I-I’m going to lay down and crochet.


I made Queen V make that stuff separate so there’s vodka in some jello somewhere

Oh…then I might make my own~ 

Brake: If a player catches you, the THREE of you are going to have the problem. So yes, maybe you should ask them about what they think about that.

That soundth like the right thing to do. Although I don’t they will notice, tho it thouldn’t affect them.