Athk Gigabitturbo



While being nice helpth to cheer friendth up.

Friendlinesth doethn’t win raceth. :)


there’s nothing more satisfying than being an asshole in mario kart



what do you call a broken can opener


a can’t opener

Do you ever one day think to stop the puns?


Who would do such a thing?


I’m from Skyrim, but i am living in the player world now. I can always find your game. I have no problems traveling between worlds and making new friends sounds fun! 

I’ve never been to Tkyrim. 

The player world? Wow! How did you get there?


Sounds like you lead an honorable existence Gigabit~ You seem fun to be around.

Thank you~ We thould hang out thome time then.

What game are you from? If you’re from a game that ith.

… why not syrup instead?

Becauthe the frothting maketh it look like a cake~

I altho read it was thupposed to tathte good and I’ll try anything once.

I’m going to take a thtack of flapjackth then frotht them~

I’m going to call it pan-cake. 


They do whatever i tell them to! Clean, help me get dressed, kill people~ They make pretty good watch dogs too! 

What about you? Tell me about yourself Pun Master.

That’th really cool. I withh I had minionth to clean for me.

 I know an apundant of joketh~ But you already theem to know that~

I’m from the racing game Turbo Time. I like racing and laying on my couch. I altho like to cook. I make up my own recipeth too.

I uthed to game jump a lot, but now I don’t vithit ath many gameth.

I wath thinking and it’th been ageth thnice I thaid turbotathtic outthide of gameplay….